Scuba Training

Try Scuba Experience

Try Scuba is your chance to get wet and experience what Scuba is about

Open Water Certification

Scuba Diving is one  of the greatest adventures you will every experience.  Learn more about the steps to become a certified diver. 

Specialty Training Classes

Specialty Training will enhance and improve your skills in the underwater realm.  As you learn more skills your comfort level will increase, making your underwater adventures even more enjoyable.

Scuba Camps

Looking for excitement during the summer for diver.  We offer several week long Scuba Camps for different ages and experience levels.

Adaptive Scuba

We are capable of teaching persons with a large number of disabilities to Scuba Dive.  The access to the underwater world is life changing and exciting.

Scuba Rangers

Scuba Rangers is a monthly program for children from 8 to 12  years old.  This allows them to  learn about and experience Snorkeling  and Diving.