Science of Diving


Having the   right knowledge is just as important as the proper handling of your diving   equipment!

The SCIENCE   OF DIVING program teaches all areas of dive theory in a detailed and   comprehensive manner,

The SCIENCE   OF DIVING program is a perfect “WINTER SPECIALTY”, since no dives are  required. If you want to know more about dive theory, this is the course for you.


Course   Content:

  • Physics
  • Physiology
  • Decompression Theory
  • Underwater World
  • Diving Equipment

The primary goal of any SSI Specialty course is to teach you important skills in a fun environment. This program will have intensive academic session to which you can prepare yourself well for future diving adbventures.

Course cost: $175.00

Minimum Age:

  • 10 Years Old

Course Materials Needed:

· Digital Training Material or Course Manual 

Training Sessions:

· Classroom - 3 to 4 sessions

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