Service Center

We are commited to throroghly servicing or inspecting each piece of scuba equipment brought into our service center.  We take pride in makeig sure your dive equipment is reliable and safe, so you can have an enjoyable diving experience.  

We are an Authorized Scubapro Service Center.  

We can get take care of all your regulators.  All regulators well be serviced by manufacturer authorized technicians and  manufacturer parts will be used. 


Scuba regulators are life support equipment and should be serviced on a regular basis.  Each manufacturer has a set sehedule of when their equipment should vbe  serviced to maintain functionality or warranty. It is the divers responsibility to see that they stay within that criteria.    

    We recommend that all regulators should be rebuilt, lubricated and tested annually to reduce the possibility of a component failure.

Buoyancy Compensator (BCD)

The BCD should be serviced when your regulators are serviced.  

The BCD that is properly maintained will enhance your diving experience and comfort.


We will check to see if there are any leaks, buckles are complete and working, Lubricate over-expanison valves and  zippers.

Dive Computers

Dive Computers should be maintained and inspected every dive season.  If the battery is getting low or the computer is not  wokrking  then let us take a look and give you some advice on how to do it.   We can replace batteries on most computers and pressure test them to check for water tightness and accuracy.

Tank Services

Scuba tanks require routine services to keep them safe and usable.

We offer visual inspections, tank valve servicing, and  hydro testing.

Hydro Testing should b e conducted every 5 years.

Visual Inspections should be conducted every year.

Because of safety issues with older Aluminum tanks  we will not fill/inspect/handle any Aluminum tank with the original Hydro date of 1991 or Older.

Service Prices