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Dry Suit Diving Course                                                        Course Cost $150.00 + Educational Materials, Seals & Dry Suit Rental



- Why Dry Suits?
- Types of Dry Suits
- Dry Suit Valves
- Underwear Selection
- Dry Suit Accessories
- Dry Suit Techniques
- Maintenance of Dry Suits
- Dry Suit Repairs

If you want to dive during the fall and winter in the colder climates, DRY SUIT DIVING is the course you should take. Visibility at these times of the year is usually excellent so it's a great time to get out there.

In your DRY SUIT DIVING program you will learn about the advantages of dry suit diving, different suits, valves, underwear and dry suit accessories.

During the 2 mandatory dives you will apply correct dry diving techniques and demonstrate the correct care and maintenance of a dry suit.


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